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  • Topsy-Turvy Motion Creates Light Switch Effect at Uranus

    Uranus’ magnetosphere, the region defined by the planet’s magnetic field and the material trapped inside it, gets flipped on and off like a light switch every day as it rotates along with the planet. It’s “open” in one orientation, allowing solar wind to flow into the magnetosphere; it later closes, forming a shield against the solar wind and deflecting it away from the planet.

  • Boeing, Georgia Tech Unveil New Research Center

    The Boeing Manufacturing Development Center works to implement automation in industrial applications. It is one of 17 corporate innovation centers on Georgia Tech’s campus. 

  • Selfies: We Love How We Look and We’re Here to Show You

    To better understand the photographic phenomenon and how people form their identities online, Georgia Institute of Technology researchers combed through 2.5 million selfie posts on Instagram to determine what kinds of identity statements people make by taking and sharing selfies.

  • Haitian Initiative Receives ‘Energetic’ Support from the Strategic Energy Institute

    The Strategic Energy Institute provided insight into current renewable energy technologies to a delegation from Haiti's BEL Initiative that can be used to support the country's infrastructure and growth.