Computer Clusters
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The Office of Information Technology supports computer clusters in the Student Center and the Library Commons. These spaces are designed for individual and group productivity and include hardware and software specific to the academic learning environment.  For more information on the Commons, including computer availability, software, and upcoming events, visit: 


Library Commons

The Commons at the Georgia Tech Library represents the services that every Georgia Tech student needs to be successful during his or her academic career. The Library and the Office of Information Technology (OIT) have partnered with other Georgia Tech departments to provide comprehensive support, cutting-edge technology, and facilitating envrionments to help students do their best work.

The Commons includes:

  • West Commons (LWC)
  • 2West
  • Multimedia Studio
  • Lewis H. Beck Multipurpose Room


Library West Commons (LWC)

The LWC Productivity Computer Cluster is equipped with a wide variety of productivity software such as MATLAB, Microsoft Office, and AutoCAD. There are also several flat-bed scanners in the horseshoes of the cluster.


Library 2West

The second floor of the Library West Commons provides group collaboration/study areas including moveable furniture, whiteboards, walk-up computers, individual study areas, and hardware and software enhanging the group collaboration process.

Multimedia Studio

The Multimedia Studio is equipped with high-performance Mac workstations with a wide variety of multimedia applications including much of the Adobe Creative Suite, iMovie, Final Cut Pro and Maya 3D. The space also includes DV/DVD decks, large platform scanners, and knowledgeable staff who can help answer some of your questions related to multimedia projects.


Lewis H. Beck Multipurpose Room

Located inside the Multimedia Studio, this room can accommodate video teleconferencing, professional audio recording, presentation rehearsal, and a mini classroom. This room is equipped with an Mbox Pro audio interface, Yamaha reference speakers, acoustical paneling, teleconferencing system, and ten multimedia laptops. A full list of additional hardware and software is available inside the Multimedia Studio. The room is reservable via GT Events for students, faculty, and staff.



The VLab (Virtual Lab), funded by the technology fee, is a project whose primary purpose is to enable remote access to software normally only available in campus computer labs. Every student has access to the campus VLab environment. Your specific access to the VLab resources, such as School operated pools, will be dependent on your class enrollment. Additional information is available at


Departmental Computer Labs/Cluster

Additional computer labs and clusters are available across campus and are traditionally maintained by the respective schools and colleges. Talk to your program director/advisor for additional infomration about computer accessibility within departments, as well as any additional software requirements as part of your major.



Service Lead
Cari Lovins