Computer Clusters
Getting Help 

The Student Center Computer Cluster is generally open 24/7.


The Library Commons generally operates within the Library Hours and is staffed at the Library Services Desk located in the West Commons during operating hours. Additional support for multimedia applications is available at the Service Desk in the Multimedia Studio on the ground floor of the Library.


The Office of Information Technology provides computer facilities (clusters) in the Student Center, Library Commons, and Multimedia Studio.


The Student Center Computer Cluster is located on the 2nd floor of the Student Center Commons on the South end of the building. The facility includes 39 PC workstations with a wide array of productivity applications including Autocad and Matlab, 6 quick-use walk-up computers, 2 black/white printers, and 1 color printer.


The Commons at the Georgia Tech Library is a partnership between the Office of Information Technology and the Georgia Tech Library. The Commons spaces are located on the 1st floor of the Library and include:

o   The Library West Commons Productivity Cluster – a computer cluster equipped with 66 PC workstations with a wide array of productivity applications, 7 quick-use walk-up computers, 11 iMacs, 15 flatbed scanners, and black/white & color printers.

o   The Multimedia Studio – an area equipped with 17 Mac Mini and 7 iMac workstations, a full suite of multimedia applications including Adobe CS: iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and Maya 3D. The studio includes video editing hardware including MiniDV decks and DVD recorders, a high-resolution large flatbed scanner, black/white & color printers, and 1 HP Design Jet plotter printer.

o   The Library East Commons Group Computing Cluster – a computer cluster equipped with 30 PC workstations conducive to group work with the same suite of software in the Productivity Cluster, 14 quick-use walk-up computers, black/white & color printers.

Service Lead
Cari Lovins