My GaTech (Email & Calendar)
Getting Help 
  • Phone number: 404-894-7173 - Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday-Friday
  • Web Help Request:
  • Email:
  • Contact the OIT Technology Support Center
  • Walk-in Support: Technology Support Center, Clough Building, Rm 215 (8:00am - 6:00pm, Monday-Friday)
  • Frequently Asked Questions:

The My GaTech (Zimbra) service is one of the campus email & calendar services operated by the Office of Information Technology.

You can access My GaTech (Zimbra) through a web browser at or various other email clients & mobile devices. 



Service Lead
Rachel Moorehead
rachel.moorehead "at"


Service Level Agreement & Terms of Service

Service Name My GaTech
Service Owner Rachel Moorehead, Email Service Manager, Architecture & Infrastructure, Office of Information Technology
Service Operator (Team) Enterprise Applications, Server Administration
Customer Representative (Team) Technology Support Center, Enterprise Applications
Description Zimbra Collaboration Suite (v. 7.2)
Overview Enterprise Collaboration Services, which includes Email, Contacts, Calendar, and Document storage.
Audience Students, Faculty, Staff
Cost to Customer No Charge
Service Request Process GT Students automatically have access.  GT Employees are provisioned access through their Customer Service Representative (CSR) or by contacting the Technology Support Center.
Help Documentation OIT Frequently Asked Questions (
Service Hours of Operation 24 x 7 x 365 excluding planned maintenance and emergency updates
Support Hours of Operation M-F 8am-6pm excluding Institute holidays
Service Level Targets
  • 99% service availability (uptime)
  • 100% email flow guarantee
Availability Targets 24 x 7 x 365 excluding scheduled maintenances outlined below
Scheduled Maintenance
  • Tuesday and Thursday, 5-7am, for non-disruptive maintenance work
  • The third Saturday of the month, 6am-12pm, for potentially disruptive maintenance work
System Response Times Within industry standards for enterprise collaboration services. (90th Percentile Response Time: 105 ms)
Responsibilities of Service Provider
  • Service Availability
  • Notification for planned and emergency service updates
  • Security patches to Zimbra
  • Zimbra minor version updates, when deemed needed
  • Compatibility with underpinning services
  • Usage documentation
  • Nightly site backups
  • Changes to the service level agreement
Duties of the Customer
Rules Regarding Security Concerns Georgia Tech CyberSecurity will take remediation steps in instances where accounts demonstrate suspicious activity.
Rules Regarding Transfer A customer may request the transfer of the ownership of a mailbox at any time to another Faculty or Staff member.  These requests are reviewed by CyberSecurity, Legal, and OHR.
Rules Regarding Termination The termination of My GaTech services is handled globally by the Institute policy for all authorized services for specific situations and individuals.
Upon Customer Notification The customer may save any pertinent content from their personal mailbox before their access is automatically removed.
Upon Leaving the Institute My GaTech accounts that are owned by users whose status changes from valid users will be deactivated on a periodic basis.
Resource Limitations Each mailbox is provisioned with a default quota for their role at the Institute.  Requests for additional quota space are reviewed on a case-by-case basis for business related project.
Violation of TOS OIT reserves the right to remove access to any mailbox that violates OIT and Institute Policies.
Support Contacts Technology Support Center
Support Response Time 1 Business Day
Service Dependencies & Configuration Items (CIs)
  • Zimbra
  • Authentication Service
  • Server, Network, Data Center, and Security Infrastructure
Service Reporting Outages, performance issues, and upcoming maintenances will be posted on the OIT Status page: 
Complaint/Problem Escalation Through the OIT Technology Support Center and the FootPrints ticketing system.
Service Metric Reviews Service Metrics will be maintained for verification of service availability, reliable delivery, and protection from security compromises, utilizing a variety of internal and external utilities.  Requests for non-public metrics may be made once a year in the month of June by IT Directors and CSRs across the Institute.