GT-RNOC Platform

The GT-RNOC (Research Network Operations Center ) Platform exists to accelerate innovation combining Web 2.0, mobile, SIP+IMS, interactive TV, and high-speed networking services. We provide research and development communities with resources required to pioneer ubiquitous visual and voice communication integrated with personalized real-time information and media.


  • Rapid prototyping for integrated applications and mobile SIP+IMS+Web services.
  • Focus on End to End service delivery and User Experience over a diversity of real networks and devices.
  • Expert research in user experience, interaction, interfaces, mobile content, networking, location services and communications.
  • An extensive convergence platform capable of live trials for multi service / combined applications over IP.
  • A pool of creative, motivated, and uniquely trained students and development teams.
  • A test bed with access to a large and diverse lead-user community