Getting Help 

Each department authorizes a Telecom Coordinator (TCO) to make financial decisions for telecommunications move, add, change (MAC) and deletion requests. 

Any person experiencing a phone problem, or the Department TCO, may report telephone problems and submit a request for repairs to OIT Telecom. 

TCOs should submit a MAC request to OIT Telecom. (www.remedy.gatech.edu/telephone)

The TCO or the person experiencing the phone problem should a repair request at www.remedy.gatech.edu/telephone or by calling Customer Care at 404-894-7173 Option 3.

See a list of Frequently Asked Questions and the associated answers. (http://www.oit.gatech.edu/service/telecommunications/frequently-asked-qu...)



OIT Telecommunications is responsible for telecommunications services on the main Atlanta Georgia Tech campus and for contracting and coordinating telecommunications services with other Georgia Tech campus locations.


Services include moving, adding, changing, and deleting phone lines, equipment, and telephone features. It includes setting up voicemail, automated attendants (AAs), Automated Call Distribution (ACD) groups, conferencing, ordering calling cards, and setting up toll-free number and other telecommunications services.

See a complete list of services and descriptions under the Services section. (http://www.oit.gatech.edu/service/telecommunications/services)

Service Lead
Cas D'Angelo, Director - Network Engineering

 If you have a repair issue, or to submit an order to add or move a telephone, or change an existing feature on a phone, please contact your deparmental Telecom Coordinator or log a remedy request at www.remedy.gatech.edu/telephone . You may also call Telecommunications Customer Service at 404-894-7173, Option 3


Right to Monitor Communications and Right to Privacy

Georgia Tech reserves the right to investigate, retrieve and read any communication or data composed, transmitted or received through voice services, online connections and/or stored on its servers and/or property, without further notice to employees, to the maximum extent permissible by law. Express notice to employees stating that there is no right to privacy for any use of Institute telecommunications equipment and services should be included in the assignment form granting access to telecommunications equipment and/or services.