VPN Service (Remote Access)
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Contact the OIT Technology Support Center

Walk-in Support: Technology Support Center, Clough Building, Rm 215
Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday-Friday
Phone number: 404-894-7173 - Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday-Friday
Web Help Request:  http://www.remedy.gatech.edu/support


If you frequently travel or work from home, the  Virtual Private Network (VPN) service can provide you with a “campus-like” connection to Georgia Tech digital resources and services.

OIT has created a path for remote access to campus network services using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  A VPN provides off-campus access to the services you use while you are on campus, including network file storage, printers, and other peripheral devices.  Anyone with a GT account – students, faculty, staff, and guests – can use the VPN. 

More details are included elsewhere in the documentation, but you should be aware that

  • The VPN doesn't make your connection more reliable, but it is more secure especially over wireless networks
  • All of your traffic will be directed over the campus network, so you may see a performance change
  • Your traffic is subject to the Computer & Network Usage and Security Policy
  • Since your computer is taking on a Georgia Tech address, it will no longer provide services to its local network
  • The VPN service may be blocked by a network owner, so there are some locations from which it will not work 

When you're ready to begin, start at the Getting Started page.

The In Depth page contains pointers to more detailed technical information as well as the End of Support announcement for the legacy Cisco VPN Client.



Service Lead
Graham Thomas, Dan Forsyth
oit-vpn-help@lists.gatech.edu, graham.thomas@oit.gatech.edu, dan.forsyth@oit.gatech.edu