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  • Mastering Communication, Leadership with Techmasters

    The Toastmasters chapter at Georgia Tech — known as Techmasters — gives the campus community an outlet for improving public speaking skills, enjoying those of others, and sharing in the process of becoming better communicators.

  • Campus Community Mourns Loss of Scout Schultz

    Scout Schultz, an undergraduate student, died on campus Saturday. Schultz was shot during an incident with campus police.

  • As 'Flesh-Eating' Leishmania Come Closer, a Vaccine Against Them Does, Too

    Boils the size of sand dollars, acid-like facial wounds, death by maiming of liver and spleen. Leishmania parasites inflict suffering around the world that is the stuff of parables, and they're the second-deadliest parasites after malaria. Global warming is slowly pushing them north toward the United States. Can a new experimental vaccine someday stop them? The vaccine has worked in humanized mice, as detailed in a new study.

  • Engineering Research Center Will Help Expand Use of Therapies Based on Living Cells

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded nearly $20 million to a consortium of universities to support a new engineering research center (ERC) that will work closely with industry and clinical partners to develop transformative tools and technologies for the consistent, scalable and low-cost production of high-quality living therapeutic cells.