Sherry Belom

Sherry Belom

Director of Service Delivery & Support

Sherry Belom's career in IT began unexpectedly after taking on IT-related responsibilities as an office manager for a medical facilities group. After the organization was restructured, her new role included network, computer, and software troubleshooting. With a newfound passion, Belom decided to pursue a career in IT. 

She enrolled in technical school and served in various IT support roles, eventually moving into higher education. She earned a bachelor's degree in information technology management and an MBA from the University of West Georgia, and in 2019, she joined Georgia Tech. “My role is pivotal in ensuring that my teams deliver exceptional service, streamline operations, and continuously improve the IT support and services provided to the campus community.”  

Learning to Pivot

Being overlooked for a couple of promotions left her feeling defeated, so she reframed her outlook and began to see rejections as redirections. “After facing rejection for the second time, I realized my approach might be flawed,” she said. “It made me broaden my perspective and seek growth beyond the confines of my previous aspirations.” Sometimes, Belom said, women have to pivot in the face of rejection. “I knew that I had to move in a career direction that was best suited for me.”


During her time in higher education, Belom has often noticed a lack of empathy in IT and how it affects end users. She became more involved in the decision-making process, collaborating with colleagues to initiate marketing campaigns, town halls, and training sessions. “My goal was to ensure that end users were adequately prepared and supported for any challenges in the technologies they use,” she said.  

Before she came to Tech, her strategies led to the formation of a technology council at another university. This council later became the primary body overseeing IT governance and activities across the University System of Georgia. 

A More Inclusive Future

As a woman in a male-dominated industry, Belom often reflects on gender inequality and the future of IT leadership. She credits Georgia Tech with advancing women in the field and encourages women in IT positions to advocate for themselves. “It’s important that women feel confident and empowered in the workplace. We must also support and advocate for our peers, especially for other women and minorities.” 

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