Jennifer Rhodes

Jennifer Rhodes

Interim Chief Information Security Officer, Cyber Security

With a master's in public administration, coupled with her hands-on experience in emergency management, Rhodes possessed a skill set that allowed her to seek broader career opportunities. "I realized after getting my master’s degree that I wanted to ensure I had more career options going forward,” she said. That clarity led her to IT and eventually into the world of cybersecurity. “Having worked in emergency management, the transition into cybersecurity felt natural for me.”

Championing Cybersecurity

Today, Rhodes oversees critical operations in Georgia Tech’s Cyber Security office, including governance, compliance, and cybersecurity awareness. Her leadership is based on the understanding that protecting digital infrastructures is crucial for safeguarding the community at large. “I don’t look at cybersecurity as a challenge, but rather a critical component of public safety.”

A Supportive Culture

A significant part of Rhodes' work involves advocating for more accessibility into technology and cybersecurity careers. She champions diversifying the talent pipeline through nontraditional educational avenues and hands-on experience. "We need to continue to create and promote pathways for young people to get into technology careers outside the traditional four-year college degree route," she said. “It is also important to offer entry-level opportunities that allow a worker to gain practical experience while pursuing certifications or degrees.”

Looking Forward

Rhodes' vision for the future is one where the IT industry benefits from the diversity of society and where women are not only present, but also leading and shaping its work. “I hope my career journey offers inspiration and guidance for women aspiring to make their mark across IT.”

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